Adjusting Our Sails | Q2 Business Review

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26 Jun Adjusting Our Sails | Q2 Business Review

Year-enders are oft-packed with plans and renewed goals that are slated to begin at the turn of the new year. This time, Stalwart chooses a spot in the middle to review each member’s performance and be guided by four core questions as they move forward towards the end of the year.

Of these: “Where are we now?” The teams discussed on what is happening at the moment, the individual numbers and how far or close it is to the targets, the means and ways things are being done and the hurdles blocking their way to achieving their goals. This question intends to make every member conscious of the current state. With the top leaders all ears, departments were able to express their collective points and from there, strategic recalibrations and appropriate adjustments are proposed.

“Where we want to go?” is the second questions that promoted a discussion point which re-center the teams towards where they are headed to. The company’s goal for 2017 re-discussed; an organization better that it is a year ago on all major fronts; Market Standing, Growth Rate, Portfolio Size and Overall Organizational Capacity.

The Semi-annual Business Review held last June 19, 2017, hinged on one simple idea: that Stalwart can do even better. That, even though the company’s current standing is overwhelmingly better that its closest contemporary, the leaders are still convinced that the full potential still remains untapped. With current bottlenecks fleshed out, goals and visions are improved and reenergized, the second half of 2017 will confidently be twice as better as the first. Stalwart need not wait for a new year to pull in new improvements.

The teams are again at a fresh start in the middle of it all, with just one last question. Equip with the current consciousness drawn from the two preceding questions, the third and last is not as tough to answer anymore. The lines are drawn, goals are set, tactics identified and the overall strategies accentuate an already clear approach on; how do we get there?

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