As Real as it Gets | Stalwart’s Summer Experience

Stalwart's Summer Experience

02 Jun As Real as it Gets | Stalwart’s Summer Experience

After months of hard work, the Stalwart Philippines offices closed-up shop for two days last to head on to Samal Island for an Amazing Race-themed experience.

As a nod to the Egyptians, who pioneered radical perspectives on the engineering front, the six teams took their names after pharaohs: Ahmose, Khafra, Khufu, Narmer, Nefertiti and Sneferu.

“To the highest forms and standards of discipline,” as their sportsmanship pledge goes, all teams braced for the toughest competitors. In usual Stalwart fashion, teams showed that taking the win means thinking outside the conventional. And in some cases for the young men, it means having to take your shirt off to hike up audience impact.

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A do-it-yourself search for Mr. and Ms. Stalwart tested their creativity. With questions like “if you have to choose between being a hammer or a nail, what would you choose and why?” the contestants donned in newspaper and masking tape needed quick-thinking, grace under pressure, and wit.

All in good fun, the rest of the itinerary is flushed with game titles to make the meek blush: gapangin mo lulundagan ko, ipasa-pasa mo ako, and eat me bibe one more time. (Believe us, those three are the most conservative.) The Ah Committé—the untiring gamemasters who traveled a day before to assure the activity’s smooth sailing—do not lack a sense of humor.

In the end, team Narmer came out as the winner. In a speech, CEO and founder Davin Acuram described what everyone was already experiencing: Stalwart’s raw, authentic culture, which collectively becomes its edge among run-of-the-mill companies.

Before heading off, all team members marked painted hands on fabric with different colors symbolizing different teams. The cloth itself symbolizing Stalwart’s true harmony.

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