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03 May Stalwart Philippines Services

Stalwart Philippines carries the difficult task to meaningfully marry two complex processes: design and build. The upside is that this leaves the door wide open to the possibilities of seamlessness. To house all departments under one roof—yes, even if the new building is across the street—ensures that each group communicates with ease.

What this means for you is that the entire process of being with Stalwart is going through the motions fully-informed, quality-ensured with no empty gestures.

General Construction 

This is what gets us most excited. New projects are new stories that begin from a single vision—your vision. Stalwart will make something great out of a plain stretch of land by overseeing the execution of the project. A talented team of architects, engineers, carpenters, and masons will take charge of your construction project. And nothing will be carried out without being scrutinized under a fine-toothed comb, twice.

Our construction sites are orderly, employ the latest procedures that put safety above all, and are proudly marked with a Stalwart banner.

Stalwart ensures that its structures are made of top-of-the-line materials and are in compliance with the National Building Code.

Building Estimates

Stalwart values what you value. Money is no laughing matter with us, and we take your finances to the utmost importance. The Stalwart team, plucked from only the best in the league, can offer services such as bid estimates, project cost management, and material field audits. All this means is that you know where your last centavo goes.


Some build projects begin from the ground up while others already have the structure, only that there seems to be something missing. Let Stalwart fill in, transform, or dismantle the gaps to your liking.

A team of architects and engineers will help you make the best decisions in breathing new life into your space. The team is also ready to help you retain what is necessary.

2D & 3D Drafting

One of the tricks of the trade that engineers and architects learn early on is the importance of a blueprint. In layman and in builder lingo, a blueprint is a guide, the basis—the master plan.

As part of industry standard, 2D and 3D drafting is offered at Stalwart. The difference between the two is partly a matter of perspective: plans in 2D will show one static side; 3D plans can be viewed at differing angles. To kick it up a notch, our architects are a whiz at computer-aided design (CAD) softwares which takes the plans for your home or building to a representation closest to reality.

The Stalwart team will clue you in with the technical aspects and all. Just bring your vision and leave them to do the dirty work.

Interior Design

A bare house is only a third of the story to becoming a home. To make the full circle is to consider the remaining elements: furnishings and memories.

On the former, Stalwart’s in-house interior designers will become your first mate in streamlining the dizzying amount of furnishings available out there to create a living space the suits the structure and fits the bill. From brainstorm to purchase to actually filling the space, the designers are there for you.

Now just add your memories.

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