The Great Surprise | Our VP’s Birthday

Airene Acuram

30 Apr The Great Surprise | Our VP’s Birthday

The people at Stalwart Philippines recently held a surprise birthday bash for the company’s powerhouse, co-founder and lady-boss; Airene Acuram.

On the way to the gifts and good eats, the family’s beloved Ma’am Ai’ was doted by the boys who had their turns handing her red roses. And of the last of them was her other half in more ways than most can imagine, Stalwart’s founder Davin Acuram.

Even when the annexed office was vastly bigger than the original hub, the party showed that big wasn’t big enough. And here was the next surprise: it was only then that they realized how big the Stalwart families were becoming as the year adds another. New faces to add color to the culture just a little bit more and a second round of cheers for that.

It was an affair that had it all: cake, confetti and the unending cheers of companions.

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