The Persistence of Arch. Mara Banayo

Architect Mara Banayo

13 Mar The Persistence of Arch. Mara Banayo

Everyone takes it upon themselves to carry as much weight it takes to help Stalwart become the first and only name-recall in design and build. The uphill climb is shared by all, but for Mara, the battle to perfection is also personal, just as it is organizational. She is a self-confessed control freak, and no one else bats an eye to tell anyone otherwise. People will have the gist of her energy in the first fifteen minutes of meeting her for the first time.

Mara Banayo graduated in the sleepy Mintal campus of the University of the Philippines. The architecture graduate began Stalwart in August last year with the knowledge that it demands “molding oneself into something extraordinary.”

They say a pinch and some of madness comes with mad creativity. Mara simply lives it. “I’m so mean to everyone,” she confesses. But only because she wants to get things right. Her outbursts and frankness are well-meaning, and she only errs when she parallels the heaviness of the situation with the same force. She will say sorry if she went overboard. (Expect chocolates and other sweet nothings if she is extra sorry.) Her tendency to bear fangs is just a part of her go-getter, do-or-die attitude.

It is no accident that she woos clients with designs that are all parts strange and monumental. Such as recently when she snags a low-profile, high-stakes client that wishes 30 more projects in tow.

For Mara, there is no space for guesswork, and even less for “personal dramas.” Among a string of her quirks is her recent declaration of her inability to dream when she sleeps. She swears she cannot recall any of it. Knowing that “the design process is so complex”, and having to accomplish loads of projects in the pipeline, then having to “manage the team… [and] the client”, she guesses she might have stopped dreaming because her mind is too tired. On top of all that, she is worried about this feature. The load may sound too tough to bear, but the Superstars manage and adapt to challenges. Mara, Stalwart’s Junior Managing Architect, may not have time for dreams—instead, she dreams wonders wide awake.

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