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Stalwart Negotiation Workshop

13 Mar The Winning Solution

The work of facilitator Carlos Tan Garces and co-facilitator Rodney DiRamos matched Stalwart’s vision to exceed expectations. The duo had the Superstars build towers out of straw, chopsticks, and plastic cups; dance, perform, and get mini-heart attacks over quizzes in the middle of an uncharacteristically quiet discussion.

Before all this fun, productive commotion, Garces held a video conference to ask what it was Stalwart needed to work on. The participatory approach resulted to focusing improvements on a skill set that would make both Stalwart and its partner-clients reach the best decisions out of their collaboration.

Save for two other departments, the entire Stalwart team under Marketing, Design, Construction, Purchasing, Operations, and Collections honed the science of persuasion last March 3-4, 2017 at the Grand Men Seng Hotel. The Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop was a first of its kind for Stalwart with the most number of departments needing the same expertise.

The workshop addressed concerns in the process of snagging a win-win commitment, told right down to the details. The tailor-fit talks sprinkled with Garces’s antics and engaging stories held their spirits high for two days. An addition to the workshop was the D’Amazing Super Fun Race that divided the gathering into five. This struck too close to Stalwart culture: healthy competition, whether it’s a game of charades or besting other firms out there.

Takeaways from the workshop are far and wide. To test the waters if the Superstars have picked up a skill or two would be a welcome idea. Stalwart will be glad to talk about what you want to achieve together.

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